Snake River Sporting Club

Life, well played.

Not just a Club in the West; a Western Club

When you cross the Snake River Sporting Club’s historic red bridge and ease around the corner to a long view of the Snake River valley, your shoulders relax, you breathe a little deeper, and realize that 
you've arrived at your private piece of the West.

Snake River Sporting Club is meant for the enjoyment of the members, their families and guests. The Club environment is intended to be relaxed and “western” in design and hospitality. Our main goal is to provide an authentic Jackson Hole experience within a private club setting. With just under 800 acres on property, including a fully functioning ranch, the Club offers it's members and guests amenities that can not be found anywhere else in the country. 

Our Core Values:
1. Environmental stewardship.
2. Variety of quality amenities and service reflective of the Jackson Hole experience.
3. Value for our members.
4. Operational efficiency.

We live the sporting life, and we play it well.